thumb bildAnne de Suède is born in Stockholm by a French mother and a Swedish father. When she was 6 the family moved to Brussels where they stayed during 4 years. The travels has always been many and after school she was during long periods in France and in UK. That is one of the reasons why travelling and meeting different cultures still are the biggest inspirations in her work. Divers landscapes, light from Provence and of course people with different personality. Words like passion, frustration adoration and desperation are often in her works. The materials she is working with are many; oil painting, collage, photo, photoshop, cement and also different things that she finds during her walking in the nature. She loves to be there looking at all differents colours, from the melancholic Scandinavian palette and the rich palette of Provence more like a bouillabaisse with its mayonnaise with saffron and pimento. And looking for the things that are beautiful and ugly but in combination are so natural.Her studies are many, first she has studied art of history, psychology, French and English at the university. She has also studied internationel economy at a special economy school. She has also been working in the ateljés of some big artists in Stockholm, Olle Kåks, Petru Russo and Torgny Larsson, all that in combination with small courses in painting, sculpture, photography and croquis makes her to the artist she is today. Soon her journey will continue in some different way and I hope you will follow it. Please look in the gallery enclosed and I hope you will like what she has done. You can also write or phone to her, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , mob 0046-761-64 67 66.